BookCover plugin test page

This post is for testing BookCover plugin. ((The previous test page has some comments from users.))

The 'Books Reading' section in the sidebar is also using this plugin.

  1. [ bookcover:1932394613]

  2. [ bookcover:1590598385(Smart and Gets Things Done)]
    [bookcover:1590598385(Smart and Gets Things Done)]

  3. [ bookcover:1591841380(Wikinomics : How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything)]
    [bookcover:1591841380(Wikinomics : How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything)]

  4. [ bookcover:8995856408]

  5. [ bookcover:8831793721]

  6. [ bookcover:9788831793728]


  1. Do you know an italian service?

    I try to 'grab' image from some other service but there is a little problem in image size.

    Country code:88${isbn}

    Country code:9788${isbn}

  2. Hi, Andrea.
    I can't connect the URLs you supplied. What's your problem in image size?

  3. Image book "A" is bigger (or smaller) than image book "B".
    A good idea? manage the image size! :D

  4. Try:

  5. There is no option for image size in this plugin, yet. :-|
    But, I decide to add this feature soon. This feature will use 'width' and 'height' attribute in 'img' tag. So the result image might not be clean enough.

    Thanks for using this plugin. :-)

  6. Is support coming for the current standard 13 digit ISBNs?

  7. The current version can be used with 13 digits ISBNs. It's sure that you must register new URLs for 13 digit ISBN in the configuration page. (But I could not find the URL of Amazon for 13 digit ISBN. :-| Anyone who found this?)

  8. [ bookcover:0609608002]

  9. Liking the plugin, but one feature request and/or possible hack tip request from a non PHP guy.

    I'd like to link these images to amazon, a library catalog, etc. Can the output be modified to a linkable image with an OpenURL search string?

  10. (I don't know what the OpenURL is.)

    Currently, you can't link these images to some book store sites like amazon. It's not impossible, but it needs modifications of php code.

    Sorry. :(

  11. It's very easy to create a link from the image. Here's what I added to the widget configuration:



  12. Sorry about the previous comment. The site took my code and added the link to the bookcover text. Basically, I just add and href before the [bookcover:xxxxxxxxxx]. Let's try this again:


  13. a href="">[bookcover:0060875410]

  14. Hi,
    I know it's simple but I Can't get the plugin to work. My country is 2, and this is the book I want to add

    What shoud i put in the configurations window ?

    This is the code in my sidebar


    Any chance of helping me ?

  15. Thanks iwongu. The problem was in fact that I wasn't using the sidebar widget :)

  16. If I understand, the code work only inside a widget and not if I put it on my sidebar? I try to put it inside my sidebar and it's not working...

  17. Does it still work in wordpress 2.8.3?

  18. Yes, it works! But unfortunatly I'm only able to find covers from Amazon (see my site).

    My country code is 90, en I want to get pictures from${isbn}.jpg, like I think it has something to do with the ISBN-13. What do I have to add to the code to get it running? Thanks!

  19. Problem solved. I just inserted the webadres${isbn}.jpg en didn't insert text for my countrycode. Now, my covers won't be found at Amazons, but in the Dutch database.

  20. I just wanted to thank you for such an excellent plugin. I tried some others and they didn't work nearly as easily or as well. And thanks, too, to Brian for the link to Amazon suggestions. It works perfectly!


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